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Post-Break Updates

Jana and Jordan return from the Juneteenth Break with science news and updates on B-SCI related activities!


B-SCI will be going on a break from June 19th to July 5th! Jana and Jordan give some break updates, science news, and another grad school rant! 

Dr. Debora Kamin Mukaz and BlackInCardio

Dr. Debora Kamin Mukaz one of the co-founders of BlackInCardio stops by B-Scientists to talk to Jana and Janay about her research, the importance of representation in science, and her dozens of talents!

Semester Wrap Up

Jana and Jordan talk about the last week of the Spring semester and what they've been learning. Plus, they talk about some of their hobbies!

Developmental Psychology with Dr. Jordan Booker

Dr. Jordan Booker of the University of Missouri stops by B-Scientists to talk to Jana and Jordan about developmental psychology!

Magnificent Neuroscientists with Dr. Theanne Griffith and Janay Vacharasin

Dr. Theanne Griffith, neuroscientist, author of The Magnificent Makers, and Assistant Professor at the University of California Davis, and B-SCI Secretary Janay Vacharasin, stop by B-Scientists to educate Jana and Jordan on neuroscience! Dr. Griffith also talks about her book series The Magnificent Makers and how she encourages everyone to B-Scientists!

S.T.E.M.Ed by Bri with Briana Simms

On this episode of B-Scientists, the future Dr. Briana Simms, a chemist and founder of S.T.E.M.Ed by Bri (pronounced like "stemed"),stops by and discusses how she tries to inspire junior scholars to learn about science, the obstacles she faced in grad school, and her other many talents! 

B-SCI Turns 2!

The Black Science Coalition and Institute (B-SCI) turned 2 on Feb 20, 2021. Listen as Jana and Jordan discuss the past week of science news and discuss the journey B-SCI has taken and where it may go next!

SciComm and Public Health with Dr. Shenell Tolson!

Dr. Shenell Tolsn, B-SCI’s Science Policy Officer stops by the podcast to talk about how she became a scientist, how she does SciCom, iatrophobia-the fear of doctors and medicine, and how she became interested in science policy! This interview was super inspiring and you don’t want to miss it!

Jumping into 2021 with a BIG Accouncement

B-Scientists returns with Jana and Jordan! They deliver a big announcement-APPAREL IS COMING FEBRURY 1st! They also talk about the 2020 election and the Capitol Riots. Then, they share  some of the new things in science they've learned over the last few weeks.

20 Things We Hated About 2020 and Some Things We Liked

B-Scientists celebrates the end of 2020 and its 10th episode by looking back at a year full of obstacles and growth. Jana and Jordan discuss their personal favorite downs and ups and end 2020 on a high note.


Jana and Jordan discuss their favorite music, their Spotify Wrapped playlists, and how it all relates to science!