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Summer Plans!

Jana and Jordan talk about their upcoming summer plans in this very short episode. B-Scientists and the rest of B-SCI might be a bit quite during the summer, but you're shore to hear from us again soon!

The Price of MATCHing with Dr. Kwadwo "Kojo" Sarpong

On this episode of B-Scientist, Jordan and Jana speak with Vanderbilt Neurosurgery Resident, Dr. Kojo Sarpong. They dive into Kojo's journey from Ghana to the US, the barriers that black and historically underrepresented communities face in medical school, and we finally get a breakdown of the costs involved in success. Tune in now to hear this conversation!

Dive into Archaeology with NatGeo Explorer Dr. Justin Dunnavant

Jana and Jordan are back with another episode of B-Scientists as they dig and dive into archaeology with one of the co-founders of the Society of Black Archaeologists and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Dr. Justin Dunnavant. Dr. Dunnavant takes everyone on his journey to archaeology, becoming a professor at UCLA, becoming a NatGeo Explorer, and how he is helping to change the preservation of African American Burials. Follow Dr. Dunnavant on Instagram and Twitter @archfieldnotes or visit his website: https://justindunnavant.com/.

Pizza...It's Science!

Jordan and Jana are back to serve up the latest slice of science news and B-SCI updates. They learn about the ways that even moderate drinking may affect brain size and function, the brightness of the cosmos, and of course...PIZZA! Tune in now to find out how researchers have elevated the pizza-making game, literally.

What Is An F32 Anyway?! Criticisms of the Academic Façade with Adri Cortee

Jordan and Jana speak with PhD candidate, Adriana Norris! On this episode of B-Scientist, we come to the conclusion that TikTok's algorithm is trash, how a certain university publication makes a mockery of the pandemic, and how academic twitter and YouTube are the move for science communication. You can find Adri Cortee on YouTube, Twitter, and if the algorithm allows, TikTok.

What's Out There? Using a Critical Lens on Academia with Dr. Gertrude Nonterah

Jordan and Jana explore the highs and lows of academia with special guest, Dr. Gertrude Nonterah, and find out that there may be more to your graduate degree than just academia *gasp* They also geek out on their favorite science youtubers in the process. Tune in to this engaging conversation with the creator of The Bold PhD!

Do Look UP

Jana and Jordan are back for another year of B-Scientists! In the first episode of 2022, they talk about developments at Deep Mind AI and the Tonga Explosion. Then, they discuss Netflix's film Don't Look Up.  

21 Things we liked and hated about 2021

2022 is right around the corner! Why not listen to Jana and Jordan talk about their favorite and not so favorite events of the 2021? Check out the last B-Scientists episode of 2021 before they return in 2022.

What's the Optics? Optical science and more with Dr. Michael J. Williams!

Jana and Jordan interview Dr. Micahel J. Williams about his path into optical science and his current professional life! They also talk about his experiences as a Black optical science from Philadelphia and how that has impacted him.

Atom-nal Science Updates

Jordan and Jana discuss what the latest in science news as we roll into the Autumn season, and discover that humans may have been in North America much longer than we realized. Don't forget to B-Scientist!

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Science News Update: Potty Training Cows & Mooore

This week on B-Scientist, Jordan and Jana go through what's new in science including potty training cows, hurricane Ida and the impact of climate change, the first all civilian space flight, and more! There's a lot to unpack, so settle in.

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Give 8/28 Livestream w/ Dr. Shenell Tolson and Chad Singleton, M.P.H.

Jana and Jordan host their second ever livestream for Give 8/28, a fundraiser hosted by the Young, Black, & Giving Back Institute! They are joined by the amazing scientists, Dr. Shenell Tolson and Chad Singleton, M.P.H. who share their experiences as black scientists all while encouraging you to B-Scientists!