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21 Things we liked and hated about 2021

2022 is right around the corner! Why not listen to Jana and Jordan talk about their favorite and not so favorite events of the 2021? Check out the last B-Scientists episode of 2021 before they return in 2022.

What's the Optics? Optical science and more with Dr. Michael J. Williams!

Jana and Jordan interview Dr. Micahel J. Williams about his path into optical science and his current professional life! They also talk about his experiences as a Black optical science from Philadelphia and how that has impacted him.

Atom-nal Science Updates

Jordan and Jana discuss what the latest in science news as we roll into the Autumn season, and discover that humans may have been in North America much longer than we realized. Don't forget to B-Scientist!

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Science News Update: Potty Training Cows & Mooore

This week on B-Scientist, Jordan and Jana go through what's new in science including potty training cows, hurricane Ida and the impact of climate change, the first all civilian space flight, and more! There's a lot to unpack, so settle in.

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Give 8/28 Livestream w/ Dr. Shenell Tolson and Chad Singleton, M.P.H.

Jana and Jordan host their second ever livestream for Give 8/28, a fundraiser hosted by the Young, Black, & Giving Back Institute! They are joined by the amazing scientists, Dr. Shenell Tolson and Chad Singleton, M.P.H. who share their experiences as black scientists all while encouraging you to B-Scientists!

Delta, Climate Change, and NASA-oh my!

Jana and Jordan discuss several major science related events on Tuesday, Aug 10

Stars are Stepping Stones w/ Janeya Griffin

Jana and Jordan interview  "The Commercializer", Janeya Griffin! Janeya is a woman of many talents who has worked for NASA and is an entrepreneur with her own consulting company. She is currently working with Baylor's College of Medicine's TRISH Program to increase the diversity in space and space health research by conducting a survey. Please help by taking the survey at https://www.diversityinspace.tech/

Post-Break Updates

Jana and Jordan return from the Juneteenth Break with science news and updates on B-SCI related activities!


B-SCI will be going on a break from June 19th to July 5th! Jana and Jordan give some break updates, science news, and another grad school rant! 

Dr. Debora Kamin Mukaz and BlackInCardio

Dr. Debora Kamin Mukaz one of the co-founders of BlackInCardio stops by B-Scientists to talk to Jana and Janay about her research, the importance of representation in science, and her dozens of talents!

Semester Wrap Up

Jana and Jordan talk about the last week of the Spring semester and what they've been learning. Plus, they talk about some of their hobbies!

Developmental Psychology with Dr. Jordan Booker

Dr. Jordan Booker of the University of Missouri stops by B-Scientists to talk to Jana and Jordan about developmental psychology!