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Summer 2023 Photo Competition

B-SCI will be holding a photo competition during the summer of 2023! Winners will be selected to win $100 prizes! The event will last from May 15th to Aug 20th! Read on below to learn about how photos will be judged or email to learn more!


  • 1 Entry per person

  • A photo of 10 GB max uploaded to Google form (link provided below)

  • 500 word (2500 character) narrative uploaded to Google form (link provided below)

  • Winners selected from Black and underrepresented  communities who are scientists or science storytellers

  • Photos based on narrative and the below categories

  • Judging Rubric provided below

  • Winners announced late July to early August

Lens Close Up
Science Class

Theme and Subject

The theme of the photo should relate to STEM fields and focus on ideas of science and learning. The photographer should feel free to capture any subject they see fit. However, the best photo will clearly express both in a creative and engaging way!


Composition is how the subject and supporting elements of the photo are arranged. Rule of thirds, balance, use space, and point of view are just some examples of ways to arrange photos. 

Sea Sponges

Lighting, Color, and Exposure

Lighting and color can control the mood and tone of a photo. Exposure refers to how much light enters a camera, the intensity of the light, and for how long. Each of these are a balancing act on their own and can create unique and inspiring photos.

Creative, Original, ImpaCtful 

Photos can capture moments, but they can also give us new perspectives. Each is a unique perspective from the view of the photographer and the best of them can inspire us in dazzling ways.

A Young Woman Writing

Brief Narrative Description

In 500 words or less, tell us the idea behind the photo. Where were you? Why that photo at that time? What we're you trying to express? What's the story? Put us where you stood.

Conventional Camera

Submit your entry here!

Click the link below to upload your photo and brief narrative description. A Google sign-in will be required.


See the judging rubric

In an effort to be transparent, this is the rubric that photos and the brief narrative description will be judged.

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