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SciComm and Public Health with Dr. Shenell Tolson!

Dr. Shenell Tolsn, B-SCI’s Science Policy Officer stops by the podcast to talk about how she became a scientist, how she does SciCom, iatrophobia-the fear of doctors and medicine, and how she became interested in science policy! This interview was super inspiring and you don’t want to miss it!

1:16, Noa The Little Scientist

1:40, STEMBassy

1:41, STEMNoire

2:04, Simplicity Chocolate

2:17, NPR Scicommers

5:11. Mess in a bottle

6:19, SciComm for everyone

13:23, When Dr. Tolson’s article is published will post the link here

13:48, Iatrophobia

15:40, Georgia’s Maternal Mortality Crisis

16:11 Racial bias in pain assessment

34:03, Public Transportation Barriers

41:07, Simplicity Chocolate, Frequently Asked Questions

46:12 STEMNoire Planning Council and Bios

49:25 Black Women in STEM Week

50:35, Raven the Science Maven and STEMBassy

50:43, Dr. Shenell Tolson’s STEMbassy episode

57:42, Dr. Tolson’s Instagram

57:46, Dr. Tolson’s Twitter

58:26, (Cool)Progoney and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum reading of Noa the Little Scientists with Dr. Shenell Tolson

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