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Dive into Archaeology with NatGeo Explorer Dr. Justin Dunnavant

Jana and Jordan are back with another episode of B-Scientists as they dig and dive into archaeology with one of the co-founders of the Society of Black Archaeologists and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Dr. Justin Dunnavant. Dr. Dunnavant takes everyone on his journey to archaeology, becoming a professor at UCLA, becoming a NatGeo Explorer, and how he is helping to change the preservation of African American Burials. Follow Dr. Dunnavant on Instagram and Twitter @archfieldnotes or visit his website:

1: 13-Dr. Justin Dunnavant’s website and social media

4: 50-Dr. Ayana Flewellen

4:54-Diving with a Purpose

10:29-Vox+ Netflix, Explained: Pirates

11:57-Dr. Dunnavant’s  other TV appearances

12:55- Wenner-Gren Foundation

14:46-Society of Black Archaeologists (SBA)

16:40-Dr. Theresa Singleton

  • The first woman archaeology to earn a PhD in archaeology, the 2nd African American to earn a PhD in Archaeology

16:41-Dr. Warren Perry

  • The 3rd African American to earn a PhD in Archaeology

27:16-California Assembly Bill 3121 establishes the Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans

29:46-Strunk, W., Jr., and White, E.B. (2020). The Elements of Style. Outlook Verlag

32:55-Dr. Justin Dunnavant National Geographic Emerging Explorer

40:01-Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

40:36-African American Burial Grounds Preservation Act

41:37-Nature Article by Dr. Justin Dunnavant, Delande Justinvil of the Black in Biological Anthropology Collective, and Chip Colwell

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