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Stars are Stepping Stones w/ Janeya Griffin

Jana and Jordan interview  "The Commercializer", Janeya Griffin! Janeya is a woman of many talents who has worked for NASA and is an entrepreneur with her own consulting company. She is currently working with Baylor's College of Medicine's TRISH Program to increase the diversity in space and space health research by conducting a survey. Please help by taking the survey at

5:26-Janeya Griffin, NASA Profile

5:30-Janeya Griffin Website

5:41-Testifies to congress

6:27-Baylor College of Medicine’s Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH)

7:09-TISH Survey with Commercializer

38:33-Panel on Increasing diversity in Space Health and Research

  • Panel will happen on August 3, 2021

45:02-Gladys West, the Black woman who pioneered GPS

57:23-Janeya Griffin Social Media

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