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Wakanda Forever

B-SCI pays its respects to Chadwick Boseman, discusses the Jacob Black shooting, and several science articles Jana and Jordan read recently. 

4:42 Jacob Black Shooting

5:15 - 6:00 Sports Protest

7:42 Shooting in Kenosha

12:47 Black and minroty police encounters

  • Edwards, F., Lee, H., Esposito, M. (2019). "Risk of being killed by police use of force in the United States by age, race-ethnicity, and sex". PNAS, 116 (34): 16793 - 16798. Retrieved from

13:20-13:51 August 28th

16:39 Giving Black Day

17: 05 Officially a 501c3

20:22 NSF

  • NSF is the National Science Foundation. NSF is an independent federal agency and is responsible for much of the basic scientific research in the United States. Retrieved from

20:25 NIH

  • NIH is the National Institute of Health. NIH is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is the U.S.’s medical research agency. Retrieved from

24:42 Environmental Justice

  • Mullin, R. and Hogue, C. 2020. “The rise of environmental justice”. C&EN 98(32). Retrieved from

  • Christopher W. Tessum, Joshua S. Apte, Andrew L. Goodkind, Nicholas Z. Muller, Kimberley A. Mullins, David A. Paolella, Stephen Polasky, Nathaniel P. Springer, Sumil K. Thakrar, Julian D. Marshall, Jason D. Hill. 2019. “Inequity in consumption of goods and services adds to racial–ethnic disparities in air pollution exposure”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (13): 6001-6006. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1818859116

27:37  Bill Nye Documentary

  • Alvardao, D. and Sussberg, J. 2017 (Director). Bill Nye: Science Guy [Documentary]. Structure Films

31:27 Bill Nye on John Oliver

32:54 Bill Nye on John Oliver the first time

34:03 Election Day Asteroid

36:01 South Atlantic Anomaly

37:38 Solar Storm of 1859

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