The Black Science Coalition and Institute (B-SCI) started in 2019. Our logo the "Power Flask" was created with the help of African American Graphic Designers  (AAGD.co) and represents the struggle of African Americans in science and their ability to overcome. Read our bylaws to find out how B-SCI is structured and our plans to increase diversity in science. 


 B-SCI seeks to foster scientific interest, research, skepticism, objectivity, knowledge, and innovation in black and historically underrepresented communities.


To become a premier scientific organization for aspiring or established black and underrepresented scientists in an effort to push the boundaries for all people and scientific discovery.

Meet B-SCI

BlackPast.org Contributor (Jana Carpente

Jana M. Carpenter

Jana is a founding member and Research and Development Officer of B-SCI. She works as a Research/ Lab Technician at the Center for Applied Isotope Studies at the University of Georgia. She has a passion for chemistry and metabolic processes, and plans to pursue a doctorate in the field, utilizing analytical techniques.


Kylia Chandler

Kylia is from South Philadelphia, a founding member of B-SCI, and serves as the Engineering Officer. She graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2019.


Jordan Chapman

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Jordan is from South Philadelphia and serves as the founding President of B-SCI. He is currently a UGA Ph.D. student in anthropology with a focus on geosciences. His research uses geological methods to examine the impact of slavery on Georgia's coast.

Dr. Shenell Tolson

Dr. Shenell Tolson

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Dr. Shenell Tolson is a cell and molecular biologist. Her degrees are as follows: BS, Biology [and] Biology, Biochemistry, & Bioinformatics (MB3); MS, Science Ed (Molecular Biology); and DrPH, Epidemiology/Global Health. She works in human health and toxicology; where she assesses the systemic effects of various compounds on humans and the environment. She uses her platform to educate and inform the community about the relationship between STEM and public health concepts. Follow her @thepublichealthbae on IG and @G_Protein on Twitter!


Chad Singleton

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Chad is from Atlanta, GA and serves as the Science Communication Officer of B-SCI. He conducted his undergraduate studies in Biological Sciences at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. He was accepted into the Public Health Master's program at Southern New Hampshire University and is currently working towards his M.P.H with a focus in Environmental Health Science.

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Kahlil Small

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Kahlil is from West Philadelphia and is a founding member and Treasurer for B-SCI. He graduated from Kutztown University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and currently serves as an Investment Accounting Supervisor for a prominent banking institution.


Janay M.


Janay is originally from Oklahoma and serves as the Secretary of B-SCI. She conducted her undergraduate studies in Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina Honors College. She was accepted into the Integrated Biomedical Science program at the USC School of Medicine and is currently doing a Ph.D. at USC with a focus on neurodevelopment. She is also involved with the Society for Neuroscience through the Neuroscience Scholars Program Associate program and is a Grace Jordan McFadden Professors Program Fellow at USC.


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