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Start a B-SCI Chapter in your community

Science should be for everyone! Whether you want to start a chapter with students at your school, university, or even your hometown, you can bring B-SCI to your community! If you want to build a space for black and underrepresented scientists, B-SCI has created a pathway for you to start a chapter in your community so you can encourage everyone to B-Scientists! Apply here using the link or submit a completed copy of the application and email it to!

Requirements of B-SCI Chapters

  1. You'll need to identify a President, Treasurer, and Secretary

  2. Complete the application (PDF: B-SCI Chapter Application, Link: B-SCI Chapter Application).

  3. Review the B-SCI Chapter Bylaws template and modify it as needed. You need to make sure that your chapter adheres to the ordinances and policies of the surrounding area. For example, if starting a B-SCI Chapter at a university, make sure you consult the university's student affairs or equivalent office (Doc: B-SCI Bylaws Chapter Template, PDF: B-SCI Bylaws Chapter Template).


List of B-SCI Chapters 

  • B-SCI Philly​

  • B-SCI Georgia


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