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Here you will find links to textbooks that could fit into an introductory science class, professional science societies, government agencies committed to scientific research, and other organizations committed to increasing the diversity of scientists. This page is continually updated and modified to bring you the best resources. If you think we're missing something and want to make a suggestion send us an email below!











Diverse Geologists

Diverse Geologists is an international, collaborative vision to see greater representation of marginalized individuals in geoscience.


STEMedia is a media company that provides creative and inspirational content for the STEM/ STEAM community with a specific focus on minorities and women.


The National Soceity of Black Physicsts is a nonprofit that seeks to raise the general knowledge and appreciation of physics in the African American community.


The National Assocation of Black Geoscientists (NABG) was organized to inform minroty students of career opportunities that exist in the field of geology, geophysics, and other earth scientists.


The National Aeronautic Space Agency seeks to discover and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity, Their website includes free educational material on space, earth science, physics, and engineering


PLOS One is an open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal that accepts research from science to the humanities.


Wikipedia is the internet's largest online encyclopedia. Wikipedia has high editorial standards that gives you accurate information on hundreds of topics and concepts.


Brilliant's mission is to inspire and develop people to achieve their goals in STEM – one person, one question, and one small commitment to learning at a time.Download their app to receive daily problems that challenge your critical thinking skills.


HowStuffworks provides explanations for scientific topics and a host or everythings.

NOAA-Resource Collection

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a federal science agency of the United States and is responsible for gathering data on the climate, weather, oceans, coasts, and marine ecosystems. Their resource collection gives you a variety of information on these topics.

Society of Black Archaeologists

The mission of the Society of Black Archaeologists (SBA) is to promote academic excellence and social responsibility by creating a space for Black archaeologists and other scholars who support SBA’s goals and activities.


The National Medical Association (NMA) is the collective voice of African American physicians and is one of the largest and oldest organization representing black physicans and their patients in the US.


WokeSTEM is a creative response to the lack of diversity, social equity and inclusive cultures for minoritized people in STEM

Crash Course

Crash Course believes that educational videos should be free for everyone! Their YouTube channel has more than 15 courses that includes biology, chemistry, engineering, and more!

Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library provides free, peer-reviewed, and openly licensed textbooks. Topics range from the natural sciences business and economics.


SciShow is a YouTube Channel that seeks to explain the marvelous and weird world we live in. SciShow features several channels including SciShow Space, SciShow Psych, and SciShow Kids. Host Hank Green is also the co-creator of Crash Course.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular nonprofit that aims to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Smithsonian-Explore Science

The Smithsonian is the world's largest museum, research, and education complex with 19 museums, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Click this link to learn more about science, but please explore to learn more about history and culture.


Popular Science magazine or PopSci is a leading science and technology news magazine and website. Their articles cover breaking news from the scientific community and covers them in an easily accessible format.


The United States Geological Survey is federal science agency that is responsible for collecting data on the Earth. This includes natural disasters, water, energy, minerals, and biological systems. Their resource library includes topics from palaeontology to volcanoes to birds. This a great resource to learn about the natural world.

SEM Link

Science, Engineering and Mathematics Link, Inc. (SEM Link) is a nonprfit founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Ms. Tokiwa T. Smith and aims to promote student achievement and career exploration in math and science while increasing student exposure to the STEM communities.

Blackpast is an online reference that centralizes materials on the history of African Americans in one place. From speech transcripts to primary text and documents, BlackPast gives you a wealth of information. This link takes you to their STEM features where they've categorized scientists by fields.


The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is one of the largest student-governed organizations based in the US with over 500 chapters and 16, 000 active members.


Kurzgesagt (German for 'in a nutshell') is a Munich based YouTube Channel that creates animation videos that cover topics in space, science, and society. Their goal is to create videos that inspire people to learn, with a little humor along the way.


OpenStax is a nonprofit based at Rice University in Houston, TX. They provide free, peer-reviewed college level textbooks in math, science, and the humanities.


With the aim of inspiring lifelong learning. ThoughtCo is a large online reference site. with topics on the sciences and humanities In-depth articles are written by experts, instructors, and Phds, in an easy to navigate format.


TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas through short, powerful talk to a global community. Many of their talks feature scientific concepts among others. On

NIH-Science Education

The National Institute of Health is the United States medical research agency. Check out their resource page for educators and students to learn more about biology, health, the environment, and more!

Understanding Science-UC Berkeley

Understand Science attempts to provide a fun, accessible, and free resource that communicates what science is and how it works. Understanding Science is produced by the UC Museum of Paleontology of the University California Berkeley.


The National Science Foundation is the main funding agency for scientific research in the United States. NSF seeks to promote the progress of science, advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare. This link provides additional links to scientific concepts that span chemistry, astronomy, technology, and culture.

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