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The Price of MATCHing with Dr. Kwadwo "Kojo" Sarpong

On this episode of B-Scientist, Jordan and Jana speak with Vanderbilt Neurosurgery Resident, Dr. Kojo Sarpong. They dive into Kojo's journey from Ghana to the US, the barriers that black and historically underrepresented communities face in medical school, and we finally get a breakdown of the costs involved in success. Tune in now to hear this conversation!

7:30 - US Diversity Lottery Visa

8:20 - Statistics of Neurosurgery Matches per year,with%20match%20rates%20of%2065%25.

8:28 - Sticky Floor, Broken Ladder, and Glass Ceiling: Gender and Racial Trends Among Neurosurgery Residents

8:48 - Black Society of Neurosurgery

11:50 - The tragic murder of George Floyd

13:31 - African Research Academies for Women (ARA-W)

21:30 - White Invitation From President Obama

27:54 - Kojo’s Social Media Platforms

31:03 - Black In X (Organization and Conference)

33:47 - Clinical Rotations

40:36 - The Matching Algorithm

43:13 - SOAP Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program

44:41 - SCRAMBLE AOA Post Match process

45:05 - Match Turned Nobel Prize

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