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S.T.E.M.Ed by Bri with Briana Simms

On this episode of B-Scientists, the future Dr. Briana Simms, a chemist and founder of S.T.E.M.Ed by Bri (pronounced like "stemed"),stops by and discusses how she tries to inspire junior scholars to learn about science, the obstacles she faced in grad school, and her other many talents! 

:40- S.T.E.M.Ed by Bri (pronounced like “stemed” )

9:13 - STEMNola

11:31- Lelia M. Joyce Seals

13:47- Dr. Davita Watkins and her research group


43:53 Briana Simms Personal account

44:09-Jordan Chapman Scholar spotlight

44:27- Follow S.T.E.M.Ed by Bri on social media!

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