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Jana and Jordan discuss their favorite music, their Spotify Wrapped playlists, and how it all relates to science!

1:21, Spotify Wrapped Playlist

1:47 Fundamentals of Science Playlist

2:13, Definition of Sound

2:33,  The Structure of Musical Preferences

  • Rentfrow, Peter J et al. 2011. “The structure of musical preferences: a five-factor model.” Journal of personality and social psychology vol. 100(6): 1139-57. doi:10.1037/a0022406

4:51 Kurzegasgt

9:38 OpenStax

10:48 B-SCI Fact-Checking Episode

17:43 Waves

18:05 Octaves of Science

19:26 Compound Time Signatures

20:56 Art and Music, Smithsonian

21:49 Musical development in the womb

24:06 Evolution of Ears

24:15 Evolution of the eye on Cosmos

  • Sagan, C. Druyan, A., and Soter, S. (Writers). Braga, B. Druyan, A., and Pope, B. (Directors). 2014. Some of the things that molecules do [TV series episode]. In Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Fox Networks

25:57 Doppler Effect

26:21 Blue and Red Shift Effect

28:48 SETI

29:01 Arecibo Collapse

30:21 SETI@home

33:44 Citizen Science Website

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