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B-Scientists with us!

B-SCI is an ambitious, but still relatively young nonprofit...

B-SCI started in 2019 and since then we've planning various ways to encourage everyone, but especially Black and other POC and underrepresented groups, to B-Scientists! 

There are several large projects and events we are in various stages of developing. Any amount of support you can give to B-SCI helps!

Your donation and support will:

  • Support our official website,

  • Support our B-Scientists podcast and magazine

  • Help fund our online and in-person programs

  • Purchase equipment and software to support all of our programs

  • Support new goals and ideas that we are continuously trying to develop

  • Recruit and train scientists and individuals who would like to support B-SCI’s mission and vision

...allow us to realize our vision to encourage everyone to B-Scientists and so much more, as we try to improve the world through science for all humanity.

Please consider sending us a donation by clicking the donate button. If you would like to be involved with B-SCI in other ways, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing: And always, remember to B-Scientists!

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