B-SCI hopes to become a premier scientific organization for aspiring or established black and underrepresented scientists in an effort to push the boundaries for all people and scientific discovery.

We want to create entertaining and educational science communication content, science policy initiatives, and support researchers in Black and underrepresented communities. We also want to support other Black and underrepresented nonprofits, businesses, and individuals by compensating them for their time and services as they grow and have positive impacts on Black and underrepresented communities.

Your donation will:

  • Support our official website, B-SCI.org!

  • Support our podcast, B-Scientists!

  • Purchase equipment and software to support all of our programs

  • Support new goals and ideas that we are continuously trying to develop

  • Recruit and train scientists and individuals who would like to support B-SCI’s mission and vision

...allow us to realize our vision to encourage everyone to B-Scientists and so much more, as we try to improve the world through science for all humanity.

Please consider sending us a donation by clicking the donate button. If you would like to be involved with B-SCI in other ways, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing: contactus@thebsci.org. And always, remember to B-Scientists!