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B-SCI Turns 2!

The Black Science Coalition and Institute (B-SCI) turned 2 on Feb 20, 2021. Listen as Jana and Jordan discuss the past week of science news and discuss the journey B-SCI has taken and where it may go next!

3:09, Polar Vortex and Texas

3:21, Mars Perseverance

4:06, Texas has own power grid

6:37,  Aging power grid

8:10, The Green New Deal

9:27, Solar Flares

13:50, Moments away from Power Outages

14:43, Mars Perseverance lands on Mars

16:58, NASA Artemis

17: 41, What’s on Perseverance

18: 34, NASA Dragonfly launches in 2026 and lands in 2034

20:54, Mars Helicopter

21:47, Swati Mohan, an Indian American Woman at Face of NASA Landing (Jordan mistakenly said Nativer American Woman)

23:02, Dr. Shenell Tolson on B-Scientists

33:22, Science for Georgia

33:28, National Science Policy Network

33:58, BlackinX

34:08, BlackinBioAnth

34:13, Society of Black Archaeologists

34:27, BlackinGeo

34:30, NABG

36:34, Crash Course and Crash Course Chemistry

38:17, Kurzegasgt

48:59, The Square Round Table

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