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Back in the Game!

Jana and Jordan catch up for the first time since before the pandemic.


  • The Black Science Coalition and Institute. 2020. “, Official Website of B-SCI.” Retrieved from

6.44, ComSciCon

8.00, Square Round Table

10.00 Ahmaud Arbery 

10.48, Black Birder in NYC

13.29, 2nd Civil Rights Movement

17.24, Caren Act

17.53, Shut Down Stem and Other Hashtags

18.43, CDC Inequality in Minority Pops

19.57, B-Scientists Conspiracy Episode

  • Check out our Conspiracy Theories episode when it's up!

22.00, USPS slow down

23.55, Beirut Explosion

27.45, Harber Bosch

29.25, Paul Otiff

  • Offit, Paul. 2017. Pandor’s Lab: Seven Stories of Science Gone Wrong. National Geographic: Washington, D.C.

31.48, C and EN 

35.18, Colonization in Space

38.04, SpaceX

38.29, Perseverance Mars Rover

44.58, Bill Nye Tik Tok

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