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Magnificent Neuroscientists with Dr. Theanne Griffith and Janay Vacharasin

Dr. Theanne Griffith, neuroscientist, author of The Magnificent Makers, and Assistant Professor at the University of California Davis, and B-SCI Secretary Janay Vacharasin, stop by B-Scientists to educate Jana and Jordan on neuroscience! Dr. Griffith also talks about her book series The Magnificent Makers and how she encourages everyone to B-Scientists!

1:33, Dr. Theanna Griffith intro

2:04, Central and Peripheral Nervous System

6:15, Ion Channels

7:18, Model Organisms

  • Whatever living thing a scientist uses to study their question of interest-Dr. Theanne Griffith

7:49, C. elegans

7:50, Drosophila!

8:37, John Oliver and CRISPR

10:44, NPR Short Wave Interview

10:33, The Magnificent Makers

12:36 Sensory Processing Disorder

13:09, The Great Germ Hunt by Theanne Griffith, Illustrated by Reggie Brown

13:34, Immunocompromised

15:19, Temporal and Occipital lobe

15:37, Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Brain Stem

16:13, Bacteria, Fungus, and Virus

16:29, Capsids, Spike Protein, and Genetic Material

41:33 Ms. Frizzle-Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy!

  • Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Scholastic Productions, The Film House Group, etc. 1994-1997. The Magic School Bus. TV Series

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