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Pizza...It's Science!

Jordan and Jana are back to serve up the latest slice of science news and B-SCI updates. They learn about the ways that even moderate drinking may affect brain size and function, the brightness of the cosmos, and of course...PIZZA! Tune in now to find out how researchers have elevated the pizza-making game, literally.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist-3:14

Chernobyl Disaster-4:32

Under Russian Control-4:39,Russian%20troops%20have%20full%20control

Russian attack on Ukrainian nuclear plant-6:06

Light-to–moderate drinking can lead to reduced brain size-6:45

Adam Ruins Everything-Why "Moderate Drinking" isn't Really Good for You-8:28

How drinking affects brain development-9:15

CORRECTED* Standard Alcoholic Drinks-10:47,which%20is%20about%2040%25%20alcohol

Pizza science:11:42

CORRECTED* It’s in Naples, Italy-11:51

Automated Pizza Machines-13:23

Batman Pizza From Little Caesars

The universes background starlight is twice as bright as expected-18:14

Anomalous Flux in the Cosmic Optical Background Detected with New Horizons Observations-20:30

James Webb Telescope Captures Images In Space-21:17

What is Match Day in Medicine? 23:42,positions%20in%20the%20United%20States

Medical Residency-24:29,to%20three%20years%2C%20on%20average

CORRECTED* How many times can you apply for Residency and How many places should you apply to? -24:31

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