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Program Director


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About the Role

Program Director General Description: The Program Director will join B-SCI as a board member and will be responsible for the planning and organization of events and activities for B-SCI. As part of B-SCI’s board, the Program Director will have the duties and responsibilities of a board member and work with the various committees. Preference for the Program Director will be given to individuals in STEM related fields and those who support the sciences with interest in science communication. All board positions are volunteer.

-Head planning of events and activities with the assistance of other B-SCI Board and general members
-Serve as a host for events with further assistance from other B-SCI Board and general members
-Meet with stakeholders, collaborators, and other parties to develop logistics of events and activities
-Work with other B-SCI committees and help recruit new members
-Work with B-SCI Board members to develop and plan B-SCI’s future
-Have all other duties and responsibilities given to each board member as described by B-SCI's Bylaws


The ideal applicant has an interest in science, technology, and the accurate dissemination of information. While all applicants at various points in their career are welcomed, B-SCI will give priority to early career scientists (i.e. completed BA/BS, grad students, post-docs, etc.).

About the Company

B-SCI seeks to foster scientific interest, research, skepticism, objectivity, knowledge, and innovation in black and historically underrepresented communities.

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