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Editorial Director


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About the Role

Editorial Director General Description: The Editorial Director will join B-SCI as a board member and will be responsible for the development and publication of the B-Scientists Magazine. This includes leading B-Scientists' editorial board, composed of other B-SCI board members and interested general members. The Editorial Director will also serve as a producer for the B-Scientists podcast. This includes researching topics, guests, and editing the podcast. The Editorial Director, should have a general interest in science communication but specifically in science journalism, or willing to get experience in each. All board positions are volunteer.

-Head planning and development of the B-Scientists magazine produced by B-SCI
-Head B-SCI’s editorial team which includes other members of B-SCI
-Assist in developing science communication content with science communication committee
-Assist in the management of B-SCI’s social media accounts
-Work with B-SCI Board members to develop and plan B-SCI’s future
-Have all other duties and responsibilities given to each board member as described by B-SCI's Bylaws


The ideal applicant has an interest in science, technology, and the accurate dissemination of information. While all applicants at various points in their career are welcomed, B-SCI will give priority to early career scientists (i.e. completed BA/BS, grad students, post-docs, etc.).

About the Company

B-SCI seeks to foster scientific interest, research, skepticism, objectivity, knowledge, and innovation in black and historically underrepresented communities.

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